IP Protection and Management

Office Freylinger provides assistance and representation for intellectual property (IP) rights all over the world, i.e. in all countries having a legislation regarding protection of intellectual property rights.

We provide services directly before Patent and Trademark offices in many European countries, gaining in flexibility and speed of action, and offering competitive costs to our clients. This unique feature of ours eliminates unnecessary recourse to intermediaries, thus enabling us to offer a quicker and more efficient management of our clients’ IP rights at lower costs. It also enables us to ensure a more consistent management of IP rights before various national or regional Offices.

Our team is a multinational and multicultural team, fluent in English, French and German, and is authorised to practice in several jurisdictions, namely: Luxembourg, Benelux, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the European Patent Office, the European Intellectual Property Office and the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property.

Our team is composed of:

  • European Patent Attorneys authorised to practice before the European Patent Office (EPO)
  • European Trademark and Design Attorneys authorised to practice before the European Union Intellectual Property Office in Alicante (EUIPO)
  • Luxembourg Patent Attorneys
  • a French Patent Attorney

In patent matters, Office Freylinger S.A. is acting before 

  • the European Patent Office 
  • and before the national patent offices of Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Ireland

In trademark matters, Office Freylinger is acting before 

  • the EU Intellectual Property Office and the World Intellectual Property Office 
  • and the national trademark offices of Benelux, France, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom and Ireland

For actions to be performed before Patent or Trademark Offices in other countries or for Court litigation, we have a large network of confirmed foreign correspondents, which are respected members of the various professional organisations and with whom we work on a regular basis.