Conflict solutions – Cross-border analysis

We believe that a cross-border analysis of each file has to be conducted, in order to detect potential weaknesses or strengths of a specific file.

We also always integrate our client’s business objectives, as well as the cost sensitivity to our client (and the adverse party)

Practicing before the EUIPO and the EPO as well as with the Benelux, Luxembourgish, Belgian, French, German, Austrian, UK and Irish trademark and patent offices, we offer cross-border intellectual property services, including IP strategy, contract drafting,  and conflicts, matching your needs.

  • Our multi-lingual IP attorneys can draft oppositions and other cancellation actions in the main European languages (English, German, French)
  • Our experienced IP attorneys always consider the possibility of counter-attack, including in other European countries where the adversary might have rights at risk
  • We conduct searches to determine potential other rights of the adverse party that might help us in the proceedings or in resolving the conflict
  • Quality and tailor-made services meet high standard as well as personalisation of the conflicts follow-up
  • We always consider business, practical and out-of-court solutions.

Your advantages

  • One single entry point for oppositions
  • General overview of the European situation, at the European level as well as at regional and national levels
  • Efficient control of the opposition and other proceedings, also with respect to quality and costs
  • Management of your files with high care and personalised follow-up
  • Using local, national languages often leads to quicker and easier conflict resolution.