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Qualifications / Education

Dipl.-Ing. IA, University of Wismar, Germany.


Katja joined the firm in 2002 after having graduated at the University of Wismar (Germany). She is responsible for our Intellectual Property Portfolio Management System PatOrg ® with integrated solutions for the case related management of the procedures, deadlines, invoicing and all kind of correspondences/documents.

As part of her function she is also in charge of the quality control within our IP Management System and the training of the employees.

For many years she also handled the renewals of trademarks and designs as well as the assignment of the same or the registration of a change of name/address of the trademark owners.

Katja is now supervising the renewal of trademarks and designs.


Practice Areas

  • System Administration PatOrg ®
  • Administration of the Portfolio Management System PatOrg ®
  • Supervision of trademark and design renewals